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The Right Training Matters

8-5-2019.           8-9-2019

Captain Bob or Cabin Boy Bob

Chris and I came to trawler school with no experience at all in boating. We found out that we can actually pilot a big trawler. The greatest compliment we can pay you is you cared that Chris and I got it right training from soup to nuts. You like to “Keep it SIMPLE “

Now here’s to Cabin Boy Bob your other role other than Captain it was very unexpected! Great dinners and a show!!!

I highly recommend Trawler School Charters for those who like the pleasure of slow cruising at 2 gallons per hour therefore making your long range cruising economical and enjoying the all the moments. You put the whole process of boating in perspective. We are ready…

Thank you
Chris and Sam
Sarasota FL

We Are Ready to Go Cruising!

7-21-19. 7-24-19

Captain Bob

Thanks for the most important boating class, we learned hands on training way more than we expected. We owned a 36’ 1985 Monk Trunk for a couple of years and needed to brush up on some maneuvering so we can go cruising with full confidence. I sailed for many years but wanted power boat lessons.

There it was, we found Trawler School Charters with Captain Bob In Dania Beach FL. So we booked trawler school and so glad we did. We bonded together and learned how to dock and do close-quarters handling, anchoring, navigating & engine and electrical classes. Now it is possible to use our training to use and enjoy our trawler with confidence, security, patience and understanding.

Dinners were very healthy and Captain Bob a wonderful cook.

Many Thanks
All the best & HELL YES we are ready to go cruising.

“Keep it simple”
Luck and Lauren
Naples Fl.

Learning to Be Patient

Dear Captain Bob,

You are definitely a special instructor we truly appreciate your keeping it simple on your classes and letting us navigate the Miami Mermaid by ourselves. We learned a ton about trawlering but most of all “being patient.” Donna Installed a 12v light socket on her own in the head, and Captain Bob was very impressed.

We plan on chartering trawlers on the west coast of Florida— different sizes and models till we find the right trawler. We will never forget all the fun and adventures we had onboard.

Captain Bob is a healthy gourmet cook. We will invite you to our house when it is finished. You can play volleyball! We just had one installed.

Thank you
Scott & Donna
Deerfield beach Fl.

Cut through the fluff

6-24-2019. 6-28-2019

Capt. Bob,

Thank you so much for teaching us the ins & outs of trawlers. We have learned so much about navigating, anchoring, docking, line handling & knots, woman overboard drill, sleeping on the Big beautiful Miami Mermaid. Let’s not forget the engine class!

Your delivery cut through the fluff and allowed us to learn the important things. Like you said, Keep it simple! We were under control of the helm all on our own. We will be using your lessons for years to come. See you down in Florida when we get our trawler. Can’t wait!

Michelle & Woody
Kingstree SC

I Wasn’t Looking Forward to Trawler School

6-26-2019. 6-31-2019

Dear Captain Bob

Thanks for a wonderful experience! You have set a high level when it comes to teaching. Keeping it simple is your slogan and that you did. As a result of spending time with you and experiencing living on a trawler for 4 days we have we came to the conclusion it would be much better if we chartered than buying a trawler due to our age and late retirement. We now have a graduation certificate from trawler school that includes all the classes we’ve done. Navigation, charts, chart plotter, engine class, electrical, anchoring and docking a 40’ single engine with one hand. We now have the certificate to send to the charter company of our 4 days of accomplishments!

I honestly was not looking forward to attending trawler school until I started it. I learned a lot about boating on my own and cruised around a lot, but Captain Bob showed me that I could learn a lot more. He is a great teacher. The Wednesday night musical game we played was very special it was the highlight of our trip it was lots of fun.

Just like you told us, women docking turns out to be 85% better than men— Shirley turned out to be 90% better!

Great food and Happy times
Good luck
Bob & Shirley
Covington KY

We Just Took Delivery Last Week!

6-10-2019 to 6-13-2019

Captain Bob

My husband Joey and I spent the last year researching and preparing to purchasing a Swift 50’ pilot house new trawler. We had little experience and thought Trawler school would bring us up to speed and feel more confident taking her out cruising. We just took delivery last week!

Learning how to navigate and reading charts, learning how to plot a course on a chart plotter was critical. Understanding how a diesel engine & generator operates. Learning how the electrical system works. We learned just what we came for, and more!

We plan to bring our trawler to Florida cruising the intercoastal south. We went to several beautiful Anchorage’s and we are looking forward to heading that way. Thank You for sharing your knowledge and passion. You’re a great teacher. We are ready to begin our wonderful adventures. Hopefully we will bump into you when we are in your area!

Captain Nancy & Joey
Greenwich CT

Came with Questions, Left with Answers

Captain Bob

Thank you for an interesting and informative 3 day 4 night training school, trawlers, trawlers, trawlers… your meals were tremendous you should write a boating cooking book (Nancy could be your first student, your fried Japanese panko Grouper was super Grouper. YUM.

You taught how to work together as a team navigated and cruised our 1st leg by ourselves the whole day and when we anchored we enjoyed sundown with our cocktails.

We came to trawler school with questions and left with all the answers along with new ideas to consider. We had fun throughout the adventure. Both our daughters just graduated and this was our first vacation in 5 years. All the Anchorage’s were beautiful but the overnight Anchorage at the Miami skyline was breathtaking.

We are 5 years away from retirement and you provided a pan that will work perfectly.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Marty & (Nancy, the Jersey girls)
Brick NJ

Never Eat Shredded Wheat

5-6-2019 5-19-2019

To Captain Bob

Thanks Captain Bob!

Sherri and I enjoyed our classes. The food was excellent and we had a lot of fun. We will invite you for a trip when we buy a trawler. Retirement trawler date: 44 months 5 days 52 seconds, but who’s counting?

We learned a lot and it was a pleasure teaching the Captain a couple things to share wit his clients.

“Red & Green go between”

Wheat      Eat

W     E

Take care and good luck!

Eric & Sherri (Secret last name)
Glendale AZ

Expectations Met!

Thanks Captain Bob

We had a wonderful time on our 3 day 4 night charter al- inclusive Trawler school. We signed up to learn about trawlers, how to handle them, docking, buying the right the right trawler, and living on one for a few days. Your school has met all our expectations.

It was nice to have the free time exploring and adventuring the places we went to it was just like a vacation. Kudos on the Captain’s teaching skills, keep it simple! All your meals were healthy, delicious and well proportioned. We also learned so much on finding trawlers and dealing with private or with brokerage’s the whole package. All this along with your entertainment made this the perfect trip.

Thanks again Captain Bob.

John & Pat
Saint Leonard Maryland

I Can Now Dock Our 36′ Grand Banks!

4-1-19. 4-5-19

Captain Bob

We had a great trawler school learning vacation with you. I feel a lot more confident docking and maneuvering a trawler. We’ve had a 36’ Grand Bank trunk single engine for over 3 years. I now plan on docking our trawler 90% of the time.

Even my husband who is a seasoned sailor/power boater learned many new ideas regarding boat maintenance. Miami’s anchorages were very new to us and you have so many urban Anchorage’s to choose from. They are breathtaking.

Thank you for accommodating my numerous food requirements restrictions. But you met the challenge and provided us with delicious food.

We are so glad we attended trawler school even though we own a trawler there is always room for experience and improvement.

Thank you for the memorable experience.

Nancy & Ken
Salute St Marie MI