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Empowering and Magical – Exactly What We Were Looking For

July 17 2017.               July 21 2017

Captain Bob,

Mike and I found exactly what we were looking for at trawler school. You gave us the knowledge and confidence to continue our dream of the “Great Loop” we were very concerned about charting and navigating, you got us though those steps.

In addition to the knowledge, skills and confidence we gained, we also had a great time. Your jokes and tales amused us delightfully.

We will never forget our docking classes, being able to dock a 40′ single engine trawler was empowering as a Manatee gently played on the near the hidden cove’s shores and mangroves was simply magical.

Tammy & Mike
Huston TX

#1 in our Book

July 10-2017              July 14-2017

Captain Bob –
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Claudia and I appreciate your experience and willingness to share all of your trawler experiences. We thoroughly enjoyed your course and fabulous meals.

You are a great teacher with lots of passion and we learned a lot about trawlers, above and beyond our personal boating experiences.

Your trawler school is #1 in our book.

Thanks Captain Bob
John & Claudia
Atlanta, GA

We Salute You

06-17-17 –  06-21-17

Thanks so much for such a great time! We really appreciated you sharing all your knowledge, on-the-job-training and years of experience training people. You made learning fun and simple.

We’ll never forget the 4 rules of the road, (RRR), and check with Captain Know-it-all among many other important lessons, you made boating seem simple & less threatening.

We appreciate the in depth engine and electrical classes.

Your other hat, Chef Bob we salute your culinary skills, the salads and very healthy meals were marvelous.

Thanks for all the lovely anchorages, the Marina Stadium, lnlets, Bays and Lagoons.
All within cruising range of 3 days 4 nights.

We certainly enjoyed the entertainment and look forward to maybe running into you when we cruise South Florida. What a wonderful cruising ground!

Your lesson on how to find the right trawler, negotiations , contracts, surveyors, documentation and closing, insurance & marine financing, chartering has put us on the right track for our future trawler.

Bill & Geni
Annapolis MD

No B.S. & to the Point

6-12-17.             6-15-17

Captain Bob,

Thanks so much for squeezing me into your trawler school. Even though you were so booked up you still found me a spot. My experience was educational, adventurous & most of all fun!

The information you shared with me was invaluable. I really appreciate your no B.S. and getting right to the point & keeping your schooling simple. Great teaching skills and a real sense of humor, it’s been a real, pleasure.

Thanks, Dave A
Horseshoe Bay TX

Two Captains Report

Captain Bob,

Even though Len and I are both USCG certified boat Captain’s we decided we needed to attend Captain Bob’s Trawler school before we considered “trawler buying.

Have to admit we learned some new tricks on boat handling, navigation, docking & working with “Captain Know-It-All” which is what Captain Bob named his chart plotter located on his flybridge. He also has a back up Navionics on his I-Pad along with Radar scoop.

The best was yet to come on his anchor class, when you set The Mighty Moe, his anchor, you’re set in for the night.

Great classes on the Diesel engine and electrical. Worth every penny we spent. -Patti

My wife Patti which is a (coxswain) donates her time and outboard 25′ cruiser every weekend on USCG Auxiliary safety patrol with 3 other crew members on the west coast of Florida. Captain Bob’s safety rules of the road were right on.

We found that our final day class on buying a trawler, along with the pleasures of trawler life onboard, was a true education which we’ll use in our future plans. The food was fantastic! You’re a great chef and very healthy menu. -Len

Thank you!
Patti & Len
Apollo Beach, Fl.

A Lifetime of Instruction

May 8 – 2017.           May 12 -2017

Captain Bob,

Thank you for the much needed instructions, and hands on training. It opened my eyes to several things I never even thought of.

What you taught me will last a life time. This is the start of searching for my first trawler and it will become my live-aboard, I’m very excited to settle in on my new trawler.

Thank you for everything
Mark B
Little Rock AR

The First Student to Get Kicked Out of Class

5-1-2017.                5-5-2017

Captain Bob,
Thank you so very much for teaching us. What an informative & incredible week. Every thing was perfect! The Captain’s food just was excellent.

We bonded at the helm, and are now processing the knowledge and confidence to go cruising on a trawler all on our own.

I was the first student to get kicked out of engine class for sleeping 😜 ha ha Captain Bob that’s my husbands job thank you.

We were surprised learning about the difference between the 4 model style trawlers & which one best fits our needs.

Thank you a million times over. Your school is priceless.
Randy & Julie
Terra Ceia Fl

Captain by day, Cabin Boy by night

April-24-2017.             4-28-17

Captain Bob,

We are so much more confident in our decision to purchase & live aboard a trawler. When we arrived our aspirations were whether trawlers were going to be part of our life. Thanks to your knowledge and expertise we feel we are ready to begin on a new trawler adventure.

The best class was done in the water, where we all jumped in and had a water class on documentation & financing it was so, so cool a great way to approach a heated subject. Ha ha 🙂

We’ll be looking for Cabin Boy Bob’s cook book and hopes he continues to serve his grouper dish. Yummy! If his cook book does not take off then his “fish” joke book is sure to be a best seller.

Thank you again for this wonderful experience and we recommend anyone remotely interested in trawlers to attend trawler school it was worth every penny and much more.

Sincerely and many happy adventures,
Phil& Stacey
Wavelan MS

Singapore Scholars Steered Straight

April 2 2017.          April 6 2017

Dear Captain Bob:

It’s been swell learning all about trawlers. Thank you for showing us the ropes and staying even keeled in your special way of teaching your craft on navigation, buying, engine room, electrical and much more.

Your trawler School “steered” us in the right direction on our future decisions on the different ideas you presented to us.

I’ll be sure to tell everybody about all the wonderful adventures we had on the Miami Mermaid -it was so beautiful!

Thank you for the delicious veggie menu I requested, you’re the best, attending your school was totally worth the trip. The book you wrote about the ABC’s of Trawler buying primed us up before our classes It was very informative.

Safe passage,
Jon & Erniza  aka ( Ernie)
Biz Tech Center

Capt. Bob’s Negotiation Skills Bought Me the Trawler of My Dreams

Captain Bob:

I am really glad I added Trawler School to my learning endeavors, as I looked to purchase my trawler live-aboard. I am much more confident and comfortable at the helm alone taking on big wakes at 45 degree angles.

It was very exciting and impressive negotiating on the trawler of my dreams, I ended up with a contract and the price I was after. I had my eye on this trawler for a long time it was out of my price range but what I applied from trawler school help me close the deal. Off to survey on Friday.

I loved all of our anchorage’s in Biscayne Bay & Key Biscayne, Miami and Hollywood. Can’t wait to revisit them on my trawler!

I was booked solo, but at the last minute my 78 year old dad decided to go along. Although dad didn’t participate in many lessons, I really think he needed some R&R after helping everyone back home in Texas. It also helped him feeling more comfortable with me cruising and living on board after taking the hands on training schooling.

Best of all Captain Bob is a riot. I enjoyed his teaching style and our back and forth interaction during classes was a great learning experience. He could be a long lost family member with his crazy sense of humor.

Captain keep your eye out for my new Krogen 36′ Manatee cruising to the Keys. I’m naming my Trawler The “Mighty Manatee.” My logo will be a Manatee with lipstick, long eye lashes, wearing a cape and  big (M) on its chest.

Thank you for everything!
Julie & Bob
Cocoa Beach, FL