Now I Don’t Feel Guilty About Not Reading Passagemaker

Captain Bob,

Thank you so much for an awesome trawler adventure! Our stops were beautiful, each in their own way. We feel we saw many different venues in such a short period of time. The food was not only delicious, but very healthy. I’d like to point out , the accommodations on the Miami Mermaid were clean and comfortable.

Captain Bob truly gave us a wealth of information that will help us with our future trawler plans. Now, after attending trawler school, I don’t feel guilty about not reading all the Passagemaker trawler magazines. This was our first time underway on a trawler, what a great learning experience!

We were very pleased with the exchange of ideas on the positive and negative aspects of the different models of trawlers to choose from. How to use the buying process, and find the right trawler was a subject that will save us time and money.

I think Captain Bob will always remember us because we left our car keys on board ,and when we landed and went to our car (oh oh) no keys. We had to take a train home that cost us another hour of our time. We called Captain Bob and he found the keys and over nighted them, we had our car for the next day. So if your reading this please don’t forget your keys on the Miami Mermaid.

Many Thanks
Cathleen & JB
Alpharetta Ga