A Few Days On Our Toes

12-26-16.                   12-30-16

Happy New Years Captain Bob!

From the mountains of North Carolina to landing on the island of Boca Chita, Florida Keys, we learned so much about running and living aboard a trawler and so, so much more.

Cruising thru the heavy holiday boat traffic of the port of Miami and the Intracoastal was such an experience. We were on our toes for sure. Captain Bob picks the most beautiful anchorages.

Now, after only a few days with the Captain, we are ready to do a trawler charter on our own safely and confidently; we mastered docking, close quarters, navigating, safety, rules of the sea, and most of all how to take a wake correctly.

We earned Trawler School’s 4-day/ 3-night certificate listing all subjects covered to send to the charter company.

Your dinners and music were wonderful and it’s a very clean boat. Good times, pleasant company and beautiful sunsets.

Thanks Captain Bob
Hugh & Jennifer
Charlotte NC