First Mate Wilma Died on Our Charter (not our fault)

1-22-17.                       1-27-17

Captain Bob,
Four wonderful days on the water! We were given lots of valuable lessons. The one class I was worried about the ‘DOCKING’ class Captain Bob let my wife Julie go first and she pulled that 40′ trawler right up to the dock not once or twice but 3 times using one hand!  My wife gave me so much confidence and I was so proud of her that I stepped up to the helm took charge and docked that trawler one handed several times ‘no problem’ Thanks Captain Bob & Julie.
Boca Chita Island, Fl Keys we spent the night and it is one of Florida’s most beautiful spots. We loved it and did not want to leave.

Captains Bobs cooking was superb he displayed lots of attention and detail to his very, very healthy meals. We feel very healthy and will miss the Captain and the Miami Mermaid
On a sadder note his first mate Wilma passed away after successfully surviving her part in the over board drill, we rescued her and she sadly died shortly after. She just deflated away (possible aspiration pneumonia) she was trawler school blow up doll for over 3 years. You can see her in action on trawler School site under videos, Woman over board. Good by Wilma…
The Captain thought I looked just like Walter Cronkite so Captain in closing
“And that’s the way it was”
Steve & Julie
Rochester NY