Capt. Bob’s Negotiation Skills Bought Me the Trawler of My Dreams

Captain Bob:

I am really glad I added Trawler School to my learning endeavors, as I looked to purchase my trawler live-aboard. I am much more confident and comfortable at the helm alone taking on big wakes at 45 degree angles.

It was very exciting and impressive negotiating on the trawler of my dreams, I ended up with a contract and the price I was after. I had my eye on this trawler for a long time it was out of my price range but what I applied from trawler school help me close the deal. Off to survey on Friday.

I loved all of our anchorage’s in Biscayne Bay & Key Biscayne, Miami and Hollywood. Can’t wait to revisit them on my trawler!

I was booked solo, but at the last minute my 78 year old dad decided to go along. Although dad didn’t participate in many lessons, I really think he needed some R&R after helping everyone back home in Texas. It also helped him feeling more comfortable with me cruising and living on board after taking the hands on training schooling.

Best of all Captain Bob is a riot. I enjoyed his teaching style and our back and forth interaction during classes was a great learning experience. He could be a long lost family member with his crazy sense of humor.

Captain keep your eye out for my new Krogen 36′ Manatee cruising to the Keys. I’m naming my Trawler The “Mighty Manatee.” My logo will be a Manatee with lipstick, long eye lashes, wearing a cape and  big (M) on its chest.

Thank you for everything!
Julie & Bob
Cocoa Beach, FL