Captain by day, Cabin Boy by night

April-24-2017.             4-28-17

Captain Bob,

We are so much more confident in our decision to purchase & live aboard a trawler. When we arrived our aspirations were whether trawlers were going to be part of our life. Thanks to your knowledge and expertise we feel we are ready to begin on a new trawler adventure.

The best class was done in the water, where we all jumped in and had a water class on documentation & financing it was so, so cool a great way to approach a heated subject. Ha ha 🙂

We’ll be looking for Cabin Boy Bob’s cook book and hopes he continues to serve his grouper dish. Yummy! If his cook book does not take off then his “fish” joke book is sure to be a best seller.

Thank you again for this wonderful experience and we recommend anyone remotely interested in trawlers to attend trawler school it was worth every penny and much more.

Sincerely and many happy adventures,
Phil& Stacey
Wavelan MS