I was Reluctant, My Husband was Gung-Ho 4-10-2012

Capt. Bob – what a character! And pirate! And teacher!

This was an amazing way to learn about being on a boat. I was reluctant- my husband was gung-ho so we found Capt. Bob and scheduled our trip. I am confident we can charter a boat in many locations to build our knowledge and experience.

He uses a great teaching technique – show you, let you do it, corrects you when necessary. Invaluable if you are going to go it alone.

The scenery was beautiful. He is a good cook, and allowed us time to be alone which made it feel like our boat and our time. We especially enjoyed the sunset and the skyline of Miami.

Ask lots of questions. He is a WEALTH of information and his knowledge is invaluable.

Thanks for a fabulous 4 days Capt. Bob!

Tricia & Scott “Ferg”
Keene, NH

1. Stay in your own lane
2. Be a Cock a doodle doo
3. 360 – look around
4. Wake – turn into it @ 45 degrees. Look OVER YOUR SHOULDER FIRST!