The First Student to Get Kicked Out of Class

5-1-2017.                5-5-2017

Captain Bob,
Thank you so very much for teaching us. What an informative & incredible week. Every thing was perfect! The Captain’s food just was excellent.

We bonded at the helm, and are now processing the knowledge and confidence to go cruising on a trawler all on our own.

I was the first student to get kicked out of engine class for sleeping 😜 ha ha Captain Bob that’s my husbands job thank you.

We were surprised learning about the difference between the 4 model style trawlers & which one best fits our needs.

Thank you a million times over. Your school is priceless.
Randy & Julie
Terra Ceia Fl

Captain by day, Cabin Boy by night

April-24-2017.             4-28-17

Captain Bob,

We are so much more confident in our decision to purchase & live aboard a trawler. When we arrived our aspirations were whether trawlers were going to be part of our life. Thanks to your knowledge and expertise we feel we are ready to begin on a new trawler adventure.

The best class was done in the water, where we all jumped in and had a water class on documentation & financing it was so, so cool a great way to approach a heated subject. Ha ha 🙂

We’ll be looking for Cabin Boy Bob’s cook book and hopes he continues to serve his grouper dish. Yummy! If his cook book does not take off then his “fish” joke book is sure to be a best seller.

Thank you again for this wonderful experience and we recommend anyone remotely interested in trawlers to attend trawler school it was worth every penny and much more.

Sincerely and many happy adventures,
Phil& Stacey
Wavelan MS

Singapore Scholars Steered Straight

April 2 2017.          April 6 2017

Dear Captain Bob:

It’s been swell learning all about trawlers. Thank you for showing us the ropes and staying even keeled in your special way of teaching your craft on navigation, buying, engine room, electrical and much more.

Your trawler School “steered” us in the right direction on our future decisions on the different ideas you presented to us.

I’ll be sure to tell everybody about all the wonderful adventures we had on the Miami Mermaid -it was so beautiful!

Thank you for the delicious veggie menu I requested, you’re the best, attending your school was totally worth the trip. The book you wrote about the ABC’s of Trawler buying primed us up before our classes It was very informative.

Safe passage,
Jon & Erniza  aka ( Ernie)
Biz Tech Center

Capt. Bob’s Negotiation Skills Bought Me the Trawler of My Dreams

Captain Bob:

I am really glad I added Trawler School to my learning endeavors, as I looked to purchase my trawler live-aboard. I am much more confident and comfortable at the helm alone taking on big wakes at 45 degree angles.

It was very exciting and impressive negotiating on the trawler of my dreams, I ended up with a contract and the price I was after. I had my eye on this trawler for a long time it was out of my price range but what I applied from trawler school help me close the deal. Off to survey on Friday.

I loved all of our anchorage’s in Biscayne Bay & Key Biscayne, Miami and Hollywood. Can’t wait to revisit them on my trawler!

I was booked solo, but at the last minute my 78 year old dad decided to go along. Although dad didn’t participate in many lessons, I really think he needed some R&R after helping everyone back home in Texas. It also helped him feeling more comfortable with me cruising and living on board after taking the hands on training schooling.

Best of all Captain Bob is a riot. I enjoyed his teaching style and our back and forth interaction during classes was a great learning experience. He could be a long lost family member with his crazy sense of humor.

Captain keep your eye out for my new Krogen 36′ Manatee cruising to the Keys. I’m naming my Trawler The “Mighty Manatee.” My logo will be a Manatee with lipstick, long eye lashes, wearing a cape and  big (M) on its chest.

Thank you for everything!
Julie & Bob
Cocoa Beach, FL

Sacrifice, Sacrifice, Sacrifice

3-12-17.                          3-16-2017

A terrific four days of training, practical knowledge in boat handling, docking, engine room, electrical, buying, charting, all from a practical point of view.

Good thing Captain Bob is very patient with a great sense of humor.
His cooking is very delicious and healthy.
Dave & Martha
St. Petersburg FL
P.S.: Always remember the 4 rules of the waterway & Sacrifice, Sacrifice, Sacrifice…

Hands on training = Courage

3-6-2017.                            3-10-2017

There is no substitute for “hands on training.” It brings everything you read about and inquire about to life.

Captain Bob has a good common sense, teaching you what you need to know, and keeps it simple. The Captain has the courage to let you take charge of the helm on your own to locate all the different anchorages.
The week of trawler training is just what I was looking for and more. I would personally recommend this training experience to anyone interested in trawlers as a lifestyle.
Thanks a lot Captain Bob,
Jim A.

I Had NO Idea What Pete Signed Us Up For

2-27-2017.            3-3-2017

Captain Bob,

I had no idea what Pete signed me up for. I guess with low expectations comes “GREAT” rewards.

Captain Bob has a gift of teaching, cooking,and entertaining. We learned so much, too much to list. Ate delicious food, and all the anchorage stops and scenery was just beautiful. My favorite? Sitting on the back of the Mermaid’s swim platform with Pete and our feet in the water was just heaven to us both. We don’t want to leave, but all good things must come to an end.

Thank you for everything.
Pete & Regina H.
Chelsea, MI

Boat Handling Was Totally Intimidating

2-17-2017.                       2-21-17

Captain Bob,
Location, location, location… Captain Bob’s Trawler school is the location for a trawler education. Hands on training: he leaves you in full control of the Miami Mermaid. This gave us lots of confidence knowing we can navigate on our own!

Very healthy thoughtful delicious meals and excellent coffee that he custom blends

Just starting off, we cannot think of a better way to achieve a trawler training course. For me, boat handling was totally intimidating. Not now, I’m ready to hoist off and start cruising.

Thank you for trusting us, and so many of your other student’s to handle your trawler.
You are a brave and patient instructor. Hell Yes! we’re ready to make our next move and charter a trawler on our own.

Thank you, thank you, thank you
Delouis W. and Alex K.
Chapel Hill, NC

Brain Cells: Full

2-6-2017.             2-10-2017

Captain Bob,

What fun! Everything we learned seemed straight forward and no fluff, direct, simple and right to the point. The stories and the way he taught us let everything absorb directly right into your brain cells. “Good job Captain Bob”

The surprise ending of our classes was a real shocker, and the advice was well worth the price of admission. I don’t want to spoil it, you must experience it for yourself!

Awesome cooking, classes & hands on training and living the life onboard.

It is now easy imagining owning and operating our own trawler. Our graduation party was top notch. Yipee we are now Trawler Scholars…

Sandra (Sam) & Jerry W.
St. Augustine Fl.

Trawler Reality Check

2-12-2017.               2-16-2017

To Captain Bob

Like many of your clients, we had  expectations of learning and building confidence and working together as a team. Your teaching helped us achieve just that, what we didn’t expect was a trawler reality check. We will now take our time and explore our options on finding and buying the right trawler, what great advice and thank you. Oh and the many jokes before class we are taking away for our grandchildren.

We loved the new game we all played one night U tunies on Utube what an extra surprise and very fun we’ll be playing  that at home with our friends.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and stories. Safe journeys my friend.
Court & Karen C
Springfield IL